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Team Planning: Maximus

Hello again, denizens of the internet. Another Team Focus today, where I take a character I like and base a team around them. This one is entirely untested, so I have no idea how good this team will be in reality. At least this blog is something to read at work, right?

It is time for Maximus!

What a guy!

He has a big shield. He has the most health in the game. He is hard to shift, and he can move anywhere. What’s not to love about him?

My main problem with Maximus is his speed. He is good at being in a scoring zone and being hard to shift, but if he attacks he can only move 3 hexes. So, my (entirely untested) idea is this – let’s try and maximise his implacable. Whenever someone declares an attack against anyone other than himself, he can displace himself. So, given the right fight, he can displace himself a lot, and get to places that can be a real issue for his opponent.

So, who can help him in this?


Prysm seems designed to be a tank who just likes being hit. She stands there, being a marked beacon of pink energy, laughing at those who shoot at her. If you aren’t aware, due to pulsing light and marked everyone can draw LOS to her, even through terrain, and they have to shoot her (when she has taunted them), even with their contender shots…a 3 energy range 8 attack that hits for an orange dice.

So, basically it’s an expensive, terrible shot.

This burn up the energy of people who want to be doing things like moving and scoring, acting in some ways like an immobilized effect, especially if they have other attacks on their cards. It also means that per shot taken, Maximus can move a hex, which can make him pretty speedy in some turns.

Prysm is relatively survivable, but she still only has 4 health, and everyone will be (literally) gunning for her, so I think she needs some help, some healing and some protection from being silenced or otherwise controlled.

Pavarti seems like a good pick. First of all, she has some decent guns that he can fire twice, which is handy as this team is low on ranged output. She can heal, and remove conditions. Whilst Mendoza has better healing abilities, I don’t like the idea of any team being taken into the hexadome without any ability to remove states. She also is pretty quick, allowing her to dash to where needed.

This team is feeling a little low on high damage output, all the attacks so far are good, but not great. Let’s try and fix that.

I’m sure I’ve seen him before somewhere

Now, there are some issues here, but I think he is worth it. First of all, he probably wont want to taunt anyone that Prysm has tied up, as she is tanky and visible to most of the map. That said, you can do some taunting if she is looking too hurt, or out of position.

His attack, Te voy a cascar does some good damage, and doesn’t require a model to be taunted by him, just taunted by someone. So, which that attack and Tangana, he is able to teleport to models taunted earlier in the turn and hit them hard. This is also useful because even though he can taunt someone himself, with Hey malporino, it has a shorter range and so might involve him having to move first.

So, he is mobile, hard hitting and has some self heal, allowing (to some degree) Pavarti to focus on the rest of the team.

Now, onto the cards

Say it to my face! can allow a huge re position to a character which can really change how a turn is going to play out. Scram! will allow someone like Senor Massacre to jump around into position using Tangana before clearing a zone, or allow Maxiumus to do similar. Epic regeneration makes Senor Massacre even better at being in a scoring zone and not die, Blinding light also helps both Senor and Prysm to really take some strong hits.

Solar flare can help soften up targets for the rest of the team to deal with and remove. Advanced surgery will let out players to come back without the energy loss, especially Prysm who may well get blown up at some point. Finally, Field analysis will help our characters with taunt go early in the turn, and lock down their opponent before they can act.

It seems like a fun list, and with the taunt from Prysm it can control the pace and direction of the game well. It hasn’t got many displacemnt effects in it, which might be an issue, plus any team that can clear states quickly might just completely ignore the number of potntial taunts on the table.

Anyway, let me know what you think, either in the comments below, or on twitter @Ihexadome.


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