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Team Planning – Gata

It was a matter of time I suppose.

Gata is an Aristo I haven’t used for a while. Don’t get me wrong…she is good. She is very, very good. It’s just that as I bought lots of expansions pretty much at the same time I left her behind for a while so I could try other things out.

I was a fool. I’m sorry, Gata. Please forgive me.

This team planning focuses on making her as annoying and as fast as possible. She is already annoying and very fast…so let’s try and amplify that. What weaknesses does she have? Well, she has low health and pretty rubbish defence unless she is next to her attacker.

Note – this is (at the time of writing – 28th June) an untested list, so maybe it is terrible. Maybe it has solved Aristeia and I can declare myself Bahadur. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Let me know what you think!


She has the highest initiative in the game. Whilst her movement value is shared with a lot of other Aristos Freerun allows her to hop over obstacles and other characters. Combined with her super high agility, which in turn can generate more displacements, she can travel extremely far in a turn.

Misdirection allows her to reliably dazzle characters who rely on ranged attacks, which can lock down a lot of your opponent’s team. With Gata you can expect to act when you want, move where you want, and dazzle who you want.

So, what are her issues? Well, first of all, she is fragile. Secondly, she may be able to move to a scoring zone easily, but can she stay there for the whole turn and not die? Well, let’s see what we can do. First of all I want to look at keeping her alive for longer, then I want to make her so fast she is able to get anywhere she wants, at any point.

In this list Kozmo will be functioning as a tank and a secondary scoring / attack piece. Her smoke tokens, both from her switch (which she can generate very reliably) and from Nebula will help shield my team from ranged threats. If they come closer to engage through the smoke hopefully Supernova will help deal damage, especially if they are still in smoke as Multispectral visor will kick in. If Kozmo keeps herself next to smoke tokens, this should be common.

Meteoric charge will help with some re positioning to keep up with Gata, as well as threatening scoring zones.

Whilst Kozmo has a decent enough attack, this list so far lacks a killing punch. Let’s see what I can do about that.

I don’t know why Major Lunah firs into so many lists. Maybe it’s because of her icy stare. Maybe it’s due to her charity work. Maybe it’s due to her ability to shoot someone in the head from miles away. I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure.

In this list she provides some much-needed ranged power. I will have to be careful with all the smoke that Kozmo will be generating, as if my opponent can’t see me, I can’t see them either. Supressive fire is very useful, allowing me to pin down my opponent’s scorers while I score myself. Her cards are very synergistic with Gata, but more on that later.

And if all that fails she can still use Called Shot to ruin someone’s day.

And now for that difficult fourth pick. I think with Kozmo soaking damage I could do with some healing, as well as state removal as if Gata is immobilized it is very bad indeed.

Pavarti can give some ranged support if needed. She is fast, and is normally initiative 5/6 due to her switch. Reset will really help with any control powers i am hit with. Medikit will help Kozmo as she is (hopefully) unlikley to die to a single attack.

Submachine Guns Akimbo is a pretty average attack, but it is cheap enough that she can move, shoot and heal at the same time. Plus, at a pinch, she can move up to 10 hexes to a scoring zone.

Now for the cards, and how many of them them help this Gata-focused list.

Quicksilver and Pain suppressants make Gata hard to kill, move and pin down. As this means she might also be full of poison tokens, Reset 2.0 (and Pavarti in general) will help clear them.

Asteroid Belt not only allows Kozmo to take a hit meant for our fragile scorer, it also means Kozmo is now potentially moved into a scoring zone now from anywhere on the board. Gravatational slingshot is great at both enabling my own team to score or removing someone from a zone and meaning there is very little they can do about it.

Holographic sight works well with most abilities, in this case with Freerun as it means Gata can move even further. Spot an opening and be used either on offence or defence, keeping my team alive or even allowing me to force a re roll on a brawn check.

Advanced surgery is superb in general and this list is no exception; it will allow anyone to come back to the Hexadome without an action penalty. This can allow horrible tactics like waiting for a benched Gata to wait until the fourth activation to return to the board, then run across to a scoring zone for some surprise VP. Reset 2.0 will let me deal with any immobilize or speed reductions without relying on Pavarti to have her turn, or be near the target.

There we go! I think the list has got some issues with melee threat, as it hasn’t got much itself, and it hasn’t got much power to displace my opponent’s pieces. That said, it has staying power and has an aggressive scoring game on it’s own.

As always, let me know what you think, either here, on Facebook or on Twitter @Ihexadome.

Thanks! Bye!

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