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Aristo Roles – Scorer

It’s time for the fourth, and last, article focusing on the different Aristo roles. This time I focus on high mobility characters who are able to get to a scoring zone from approximately 1000 miles away.

So, who is a scorer?



That’s it? Well…kinda. Anyone can score in Aristeia, and you will see in my other articles how other characters can be fast and be able to get to scoring zones with wild abandon.


Primary role: Scorer

Secondary role: Support

Considered by most to be the best scorer in the game, Gata is FAST. Not only does she have the highest initiative value in the game she also has super-high Agility, the ability to displace on a switch with that very same agility roll and freerun.

Freerun allows Gata to move to adjacent occupied spaces. This sounds like a minor thing, but it can hugely increase her movement. Check out this article written a while back that shows how far a free run can go. Long story short – she can get to virtually any where she wants.

Her support abilities come from misdirect, which she can do cheaply and relatively accurately. Handing out the dazzle state can completely shut down a character’s turn, and if your find several Aristos grouped together it isn’t unlikely to see Gata dazzling two or more in a single activation.

Gata’s cards can help support her scoring, and make her very hard to kill for a turn, and also support her team. She has one of the two cards in the game that can give a character an extra movement point. Whilst this might sound trivial it means a character can potentially move three times, allowing scoring from seemingly out of nowhere.

Gata is fragile, and is liable to get shot if she is left out in the open. Then again, she is also likely to score a few times as well, and a turn on the bench might give her a re position she needs to clutch some crucial turn 4 or 5 victory points. She is also very, very sad if she is immobilized.

Take her if you want a strong scoring piece who can shut down ranged characters. Avoid her if she is liable to get immobilized and killed too fast.


Primary role: Scorer

Secondary role: Support

Bixie scores in a very different way to Gata. She has a low movement statistic and a very low amount of action points. Her mobility comes from her actions, she is able to place herself next to obstacles from far away, and place herself next to targets that are even further away. This can give her frightening mobility, and the possibility of even doing a little damage to a target at the same time.

As her main way of moving, Celestial wind, is an attack, she might take some damage when doing so. That said, she has 3 wounds compared to Gata’s 2, which helps somewhat.

She is also able to mark targets, which can help your ranged characters pick off targets that they can’t see and potentially avoid and ranged damage back themselves. She also ignores smoke. This is not always useful, but as her mobility entirely relies on her being able to see and shoot targets it is necessary. Unlike Gata, she doesn’t really care about speed reductions or immobilize at all. Dazzle, however, will shut her down completely.

Her cards can give her more much-needed action points. She is also able to place down a new blocked space on the board. Not only does this give her a target to shoot and bounce off, it can be used offensively and shut down scoring attempts by your opponent.

Take her if you want to mark targets, avoid terrain, or you are likely to have a lot of smoke on the board. Avoid her if she is likely to get dazzled.

…and that’s it! Hopefully the series was useful, and guides you towards playing (and hopefully winning) more games.




One Reply to “Aristo Roles – Scorer”

  1. Nice article (as the other ones), but I have to point out that you left out Parvati (and not as a scorer but from any role); of course, I could’ve totally missed her myself.
    That said, nice writing and nice blog!


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