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Team Planning – Human Fate

Time for another article where l look at how a team plays out of the box – this time I look at Human Fate.

Human Fate contains the following Aristos:





So, like always, let’s start from the top – Dart first.


Dart is a mobile, long ranged damage dealer. She also is one of the most fragile characters in the game. This can be countered by her camouflage ability to some degree, as well as the fact that due to her minimum range being 2, and the access to marked this team has, means she should never be anywhere near someone trying to hit her.

Her main attack, silent death looks initially weak until her bonus damage from being hidden, combined with her switch, is factored in. She is also a damage-dealing character who likes being given extra yellow dice as it allows her to poison more effectively. This makes her good at hurting targets with high defense, and combined with her tactics makes her a potent killer.

In this team she is the main damage dealer, and she is very reliant on others to score, and mark targets for her to shoot.

Just don’t put her base to base with someone, because if you do she will have a bad time.


Prysm is a pure tank. Unlike Maximus, who likes to tank by being next to someone and locking them down. Prysm likes being a hex or so away from them. Due to pulsing light and guiding light she can force targets she has taunted to shoot her with contender shots rather than move in and do melee attacks. This can also be superb at locking down control characters like hEXx3r who normally wouldn’t care about the taunt state at all.

Her ability to soak damage is pretty reliant on her switch, so she has to be wary of ranged characters who can simply stand 6 or more hexes away and shoot her.

In this team she is going to be locking down melee characters who can threaten people like Dart and Eclypse, and generally getting in the way of your opponent’s plans.


Eclypse is a versatile support piece, able to move quickly towards zones, attack for decent damage and help your team deal with states. Her ability to mark targets really helps Dart hurt targets, and allows Bixie to fly towards scoring zones. Dazzled helps keep the team alive.

Moon cycle obviously helps with state removal, but it also has several offensive uses. It can be used to flip a -1 action point token back to a -2, which can cripple characters. It can also be used on a target poisoned by Dart who hasn’t activated yet, potentially taking them out of action before their turn.

Due to her versatility in this team she is a secondary damage dealer and scorer. That said, she has pretty low survivability so that should be taken into account.


Despite her low number of action points, Bixie is a very mobile scorer. She has a little damage output, but this should not be relied on. Her low agility is avoided by her ability to place herself in lots of different places. She is very vulnerable to dazzle, so Eclypse might want to activate before her if there is a risk of that.

She likes marked targets from Eclypse as it really increases the power of Celestial wind, likewise her ability to mark targets with Doumu’s Gift can help Eclypse and Dart. Due to her low number of AP, she is very paralyzed by an early trip to the infirmary as it can reduce her mobility for a couple of turns.

In this team she is the main scorer, and she should try and stay out of range of any damage dealers as much as she can.


Ok, now to look at the cards I would consider with this team.

Predatory Instinct along with Batrachotoxin can really pump up Dart’s offensive damage output. With help from Bailey’s Bead to see anyone she wants to shoot, whilst remaining safe. Curse of Xuanwu can also be used alongside this, or with the characters themselves who can mark targets to help control the board.

Polarization is the closest this list comes to having a state removal card, whilst also being able to be used offensively like mentioned previously. Benediction seems essential with Bixie, as it can hugely increase her mobility for a turn.

As Eclypse is the only character in this team able to take a few solid hits, Blinding light seems essential, and Solar flare helps with the damage output of Prysm, which can be a little low.

And there we go! It is an interesting team box, very mobile with some interesting and versatile models. Whilst it lacks a huge amount of damage or dedicated scorers, it has a lot of tricks up it’s sleeve.

Thanks for reading. As always don’t hesitate to comment, either here or on Facebook, or on Twitter @Ihexadome.


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