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Aristo Roles – Parvati

I was pointed out to me in the comments section of one of my articles that I neglected to include Parvati in any of them.

So, time to talk about the fifth, and most important role in Aristeia…Parvati.

Let’s see which characters are included in this role:


Well. That was fast. This shouldn’t take long. Have a quick read, and then get back to your monday morning doing important work and saving lives or delivering mail or whatever.


Primary Role: Parvati

Secondary Role: Parvati

Parvati, Parvati Parvati. Parvati!

Parvati is a very versatile model. Her defence is solid, though with a weak agility and brawn she can find it hard to break away from engagements, as well as holding anyone in place.

She is fast. Movement 5 makes her a handy scorer in a pinch. Whilst she only has initiative 4, due to the ease at which she activates her switch she is almost certainly going to be initiative 5 or 6 for most of the game with the exception of the first turn.

Submachine guns akimbo is an average attack, but it can throw out some chip damage or finish off wounded Aristos. It is also cheap, so if she doesn’t care about moving in a turn two bursts of her guns can throw out surprising damage. Having someone like Hannibal nearby with pointman can tip her guns from being annoying to being outright dangerous.

Reset is the best state removal action in the game. Having a good range makes Parvati able to help out allies without having to be next to them. Sometimes she will use this a lot, some games she may only use it to remove someone’s action point penalty, but having it a tool can help in a lot of matchups.

Her Medikit, whilst not super reliable, is great when she is supporting tanks who are unlikely to get sent to the infirmary. It is also likely that Parvati will have an action point left to use it after moving or shooting someone.

Selecting her cards can depend on your team composition and what you are facing. Reset 2.0 is great if you are facing against a state-heavy team, or when you want Parvati to act in more of a scorer role. Nanoid cloud is helpful if you have a team with high health Aristos who are likely to need a top-up. I tend to find that Aristos with 2 or 3 health die too quickly for ti to be useful, but your mileage might vary.

Advanced Surgery is a superb card. Allowing an Aristo to return to the board without the action point penalty is potentially game-winning, as it is likely that it will take your opponent unawares. I often find that this card is a target for No!, so if you want to pull it off it is probably worth having your No! in return.

Field analysis can help you act before someone in a crucial turn, notably damage dealers with initiative 6 such as Miyomoto and Wild Bill. That said, it can be useful on anyone, and can allow you to take action before something horrible happens to you.

…and there you go! The fifth, and arguably the most important role in Aristeia! Hopefully this has been helpful.

Any comments? Let me know below, on Facebook or on Twitter @Ihexadome.


(note – yeah, I forgot to include Parvati in the support role section for some reason, and this is an apology to Parvati, the community, Corvus Belli, and myself)

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